Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 4 January 28, 2012

Just finished the Yin Yoga  Ultimate Yogi Practice.  As I sip the other half of my smoothie (stored in a spaghetti sauce jar) from yesterday, I realized I forgot to list  one lime in the recipe.  The citrus zing is crucial!

Just like a Yin Yoga practice is crucial to any well rounded yoga program.

I wish there was something on the schedule that recommended this particular practice be performed at night – before bed, then I would have timed my day for that.  Travis mentions this in the intro to the Yin practice – but, alas – it was too late.  I did it during the day and now I’m completely Zen-ed out.   It’s a good feeling, but I really just want to take a bath and go to be instead of getting on with the five million things I need to accomplish today!  Will most definitely do Yin in the evening from now on if my day allows for it.

I took Sookie for a 30 minute run before doing this DVD, which was great because this practice hones in on opening areas most runners need deep work on.

The Yin class is a slow, mellow practice with a focus on hip, hamstring and lower back opening.  Yin is difficult for me.  I’m a Type A  with a chatterbox monkey mind, so in many ways, Yin challenges me more than arm balances and rockin’ flows.  This is especially evident for me in seated forward folds like wide angle forward fold. 

In fact, fear kicked in during upavishta konasana   Fear is a crazy emotion to deal with in a yoga practice because it can really set you up for injury.  And since my fear was OF injury (I had “popped” some connective tissue in my left hip rotator and my hamstring insertion during this pose about three years ago) set in and I had to really focus on my breath to calm my mind.  I find ujayi breath to be extremely calming in scary yoga and life situations. 

I took full advantage of the longer savasana in this practice.  After I peeled myself off my mat, I sprayed my decade old Manduka mat down with a water/tea tree oili mixture to freshen her up a bit.

Will be doing my meditation this evening before bed.

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