Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 6 January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!  

I made a promise to myself last night after a 15-minute evening meditation that I was going to wake up and do my Ultimate Yogi practice before I started work Monday morning at 7:00am.  I wore my sports bra and tank top into bed as a reminder of what I needed to do.

Alarm went off at 4:45am and I rolled out of bed, changed into my yoga pants, downed a glass of water and got right to it.

I messed up the order of the DVD’s yesterday, so today I did Detox.

Maybe it was the early morning mojo, but this was my favorite practice so far.

Comprised of lots of twists, the Detox workout gets serious during a delish triangle/twisting triangle/twisting half moon/standing splits /seated twist and double seated pigeon series.  This series gives rise to Travis Eliot's best instruction so far.  I love his attention to the physical details of these more advanced poses.  This allowed me to squeeze very deep and wring out lots of junk – culminating in some sweet sweat.

The Detox DVD also has an inventive bridge series right at the end that will challenge the hips of the strongest athletes.

I feel so ready for my day now! 

My goal is to continue these early morning practices (except for Yin) for the duration of the 108 days.

Worky work is calling now … until tomorrow!

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