Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 10 February 3, 2012

Woke up several times last night, once for an hour … which I unfortunately used as an excuse to hit the snooze button at 4:40am until 6:30am. 
Needless to say practice got bumped and I still wanted to do “Strength” on an empty stomach so I didn’t eat anything for the four hours before I hit the mat.
I did 15 minutes of another core focused DVD first instead of “HardCORE” and then popped in strength.
I was absolutely wasted by the time we hit the first five yogi push ups.  My legs shook during the rotated crescent poses.  My shoulders begged for mercy in the forearm planks.

I dropped to my knees at several points and wished the class was over, but I persisted and got through it.

I’m finding the rotation of Crosstrain, Cardio and then strength is pretty intense.  Looking mucho forward to Yin tomorrow.

Will be meditating later this evening.

Meantime … hitting the kitchen for some chow – which I of course, was deliberating during savasana.  I’m thinking a veggie wrap made up of leftover salad, avocado, leftover beans from our family taco night, jalapenos and salsa.  The spice should recharge me.

Really working on letting go of any disappointment if I can’t physically get through a class.  A year and a half ago my ego would not have allowed me to rest during a challenging flow, but now I listen to my body and relent when necessary.

It’s funny – strength is not just built during the “strength” movements in exercise or yoga.  It is gained during recovery – which is why we must let our bodies have “rest days.”

Will be taking it easy and resting to build that strength back up the next few days.

(Attached is a photo of me in a "strength" pose just for kicks.)

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