Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 17 February 10, 2012

There I was worrying about the repetitive nature of the program when today the purpose revealed itself.

On today’s agenda: HardCORE, Strength and 10 minutes of meditation.

Knowing that HardCORE is a killer right before Strength, I did it about an hour before the Strength class.  And because I knew I had some recovery time, I really went for it and got a thorough core workout.

When I hit the mat for Strength, the monikers of these classes really hit me.  The first two weeks I was really just going through the flows, breathing, experiencing … but, on this third roll – I really am feeling the title of the class.  Yes – yesterday really was a cardio workout and today – definitely pushed my limits of strength – even more than some of the body weight or sandbag workouts I do!

Finishing up a smoothie now and feeling a bit of anxiety about traveling this weekend and being able to do the prescribed classes … I’ll keep you posted on how I deal with a crammed schedule, plane flights, hotel rooms and The Ultimate Yogi!

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