Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 18 February 14, 2012

I had to hit the “pause” button on The Ultimate Yogi program for a few days.

Sometimes, all the planning in the world cannot overcome simple human error or perhaps fate, as it were.  I had carefully etched in where I would do my DVD’s while away from home for a few days, only to find when I arrived at my destination – I had forgotten my classes.

I managed to improvise day one by doing a yin yoga program I found on YouTube, but our schedule was so jammed packed the next two days that I decided to find flexibility (not the muscular kind) outside of my sometimes too rigorous “stick to- itiveness.”  I took the days off. 

Once I overcame the guilt of veering from the program, I forgave myself.  I realized The Ultimate Yogi is not intended to heighten my internal flaws – like perfectionism and not wanting to disappoint anyone.  In fact, it is for the opposite – to aid in becoming more “ultimate.”  And for me, that actually meant skipping a couple days to learn that it is ok to do that.

It’s funny, I was approaching this program as a physical transformation program.  I am feeling the aches, pains and soreness from the rigorous flows as well as the openness and length from the deep releases, but I am becoming very aware of the personal transformation that is taking place – in just a short wisp of time.

So, today I am picking up where I left off – at Day 18 with Yin Yoga and ten minutes of meditation.

What transformations are happening to you?

And ... by the way ... Smooches for Valentine's Day!

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