Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 24 February 23, 2012

You do not know what your experience on the mat will be until you step onto it.  Ahhh, the beauty of yoga.  Every day is a chance for a new opportunity to discover. Each day our bodies reflect a new version of itself, based on what it’s been doing in the past. 
Today, during Strength I realized that these sessions are as challenging or gentle as I make them.  The “Ultimate” self-adjusting physical practice.  Today, I worked my edge very strongly and reaped sweet, blissful sweat because of it.
Will do my core and meditation later.
Have been sleeping heavily … and restfully.  Sookie woke us up this morning at 4am with her "clackity clack" footsteps on our cold tile floors.  I took it as an opportunity to leisurely check my email and have a cup of coffee before practice. 
Now, onward towards a wonderful day!

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