Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 19 February 15, 2012

Did 15 minutes of another core focused DVD before diving into Detox.  Detox has become my fave of the series so far, as I build the most heat and really dig the more detailed instruction in a lot of the poses, but especially in triangle, revolved triangle and revolved half moon. 

I love strength challenge of  the yogi “dive bomber” push ups and the full plank knee to shoulder and rotation to opposite shoulder.  Makes me want MORE!  

But, the “hardest” pose of all continues to be savasana.

Also – struggling a bit today with the strident commitment to the program.  Kind of feeling a bit of the “gym bug” and am feeling a bit “trapped” by the time commitment and stridency of the program.

There is just not enough time in my day to accomplish all of the fitness and mind/body activities I want to do!

Looks like I’ve got something to meditate on later …

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