Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 11 February 4, 2012

Woke up again during the night last night.  

This time, went to bed much later than usual … planning to have a Saturday morning sleep in.   Woke up at 4:40am without the alarm and was basically awake until 6:30am.  But, heck – it’s Saturday, so I took advantage and slept in until 8:30a.

Husband and I took Sookie on a 90 minute hike … amazing … but, mostly uphill.  Picture is of Chuck and Sookie today about half way through.

Did Yin afterwards and was soooooo tight.  The seated forward folds were uncommonly uncomfortable for me.  I could not relax or breath without fidgeting.

Very distracted by the physical discomfort even when I really backed off, but made it through.

Nothing else profound to report today other than these classes are obviously really working my hips and glutes.

Until tomorrow … 

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