Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 9 February 2, 2012

Super sore from yesterday’s Crosstrain class, but knew I’d work that lactic acid out with this class.  Have been sleeping like a rock.  I credit the evening meditation, good aches and being physically wasted from the new early wakeup time for this.

Cardio class today ...

Turned up my space heater and really got into the flow.

Focused on being present, alignment and working my “edge.”

That extended side angle to reverse warrior flow really rocks my glutes.  Yoga booty here I come.

Hamstrings have been tight, regardless of how much warming up I do or the temp of the room.  Right knee is also smarting quite a bit.  Really injured in August when I jumped back into my Ashtanga practice too quickly from that year break, I quit after two weeks because I felt I was aggravating the injury and wasn’t being mature enough to modify.

It will be challenging for me to modify the poses in this DVD series if necessary.  Lotus is what really gets me … I will have to settle with a half lotus on the left side for now.

I can really feel the effects of this program already.

Some people may smirk at some of the verbage Travis uses or the anecdotes he tells – thinking they are too “New Agey” or “Yoga-y,” but the truth is what he says is full of positive intention and it can’t help but affect you in a positive way.

I felt some old emotional baggage; some negative thoughts and feelings just burn away during today’s practice.  After I rose from savasana all that was left was ash.  A last exhale and 15-minute meditation cleared that away so that nothing remained, but a clear mind and delightful mood.

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